Birthday Parties

78744704Lofty is a master magician and amazing balloon twister. His show entertains and captivates younger children and will mystify and amaze older children and adults.

With over 25 years experience entertaining and attending more than 300 events per year we guarantee Lofty’s show will be a hit at your party!

The BEST for Birthday Parties

Lofty's Birthday Magic Show

30 minute comedy magic where the birthday child is the star of the show!
During the magic show there is lots of audience participation and fun for all ages.
The Show Begins with some comedy juggling, then Lofty performs some amazing magic which has the kids laughing throughout the show. At the end of the magic, Lofty gets one of his hilarious puppets out. All his puppets are mischievous and do some silly magic which the kids absolutely love. At the end Lofty gives each of the children a colouring page.


Lofty's Magic Show with Dance Party

1 hour show. In addition to the magic show, A Mini Dj system is brought to the party and the children get to dance to fun songs.
Lofty teaches the kids some really cool dances (like the Cha Cha Slide, Ice Cream and Cake, and the Chicken Dance)
At the end - Lofty teaches the children a magic trick and gives each of the children the trick and a colouring page.


Add Balloon Animals

Lofty will twist balloon animals for all the kids
approx 15 minutes for 20 kids



Lofty as a Clown – Pre-Show fun with a magic wand for young childen

Lofty the Magician – fun for kids Parties

 Prices subject to HST. Travel charges may apply.

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